Cats usually don’t get the deserving credit for their potential to be playful and gentle. They are rather seen as aloof, solitary creatures roaming around. This is, however, not at all true.

Cats have the ability to thrive in families with children. If you are an animal lover and looking for a pet, it’s good to go for a cat. They are low maintenance and will never abandon you. fact, most of the die-hard dog lovers have confessed their secret love for a cat.

Top Reasons to Get Cat as a Pet

Having a cat as your pet is a great decision. The primary benefit of getting a cat as your pet is that they won’t bother your guests at all. Unlike dogs, which go frenzy, barking and leaping at a newcomer to your house, a cat would simply meow and get on with its business.

a time, it won’t even bother. It would just give a haughty hump and leave you on your own. Cats generally like to inspect the newcomers secretly, for example from over the refrigerator or from under the bed. If in mood, your cat will acknowledge your guest, but that’s it!

You need not worry about the jumping, pawing, or leaping from this furry creature, or about the licking with excitement and effusive greetings. Moreover, they make your life and home much happier, than any other pet, be it a hamster, a dog, or any other pet.

Well, if you are not convinced with getting cat as a pet, here are some of the coolest reasons to convince you to get one for you. After reading these, you will surely want a cat to be your next pet.

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1. Independent

You can always leave your cat by itself for a while. If you are going for a short vacation, you can leave your cat at home with sufficient water and food. Cats don’t get separation anxiety and tear up the entire house, akin to dogs. Well, cats are naturally independent and known to being lone hunters. They don’t require constant companions or continuous supervision. This makes them a perfect pet for workaholics, and ones living in apartments. Above all, there is no compulsion to take your cat for a walk. Although you can if you wish to, it is not necessary to their lifestyle.

talk further of independence, cats can use the bathroom on their own. Although litter boxes can be a gross, it is easier to deal with them instead of poop scattered all around the house. You can train your cat for potty on a real toilet. Cool!

2. Cuddling

While cats can be independent, they can also be cuddle fanatics. Try lying down to read a or watch a TV show without your cat joining you. Nestled into a warm spot against you or lounging across your chest and demanding a scratch on the ear, cats are great at showing affection.

3. Grooming

Bathing your cat can be one of the greatest challenges of your life. Cats keep licking themselves to stay clean. Having a pet that can clean itself is an amazing advantage. They like to keep themselves clean and for this ritual, they emit no foul odor or stench. Kittens smell even better. Cats are really good at it. Try to bury your nose in your cat’s clean fur. It feels like heaven!

4. -Entertaining

Provide your cat a variety of toys and it would entertain itself whenever it feels bored or needs to get a little energy out. Cat toys like feathered birds, furry mice, catnip pouches, crinkle ball, or balled up pieces of paper are simply great objects to keep your cat entertained. Besides, akin to human children, a good empty box is a much bigger draw for a cat than the most expensive toys. You can use small boxes that serve the dual purpose of play and toy storage, and larger ones to make caves.

5. Hunting Skills

Cats are simply amazing to keep your home clear of mice, rats, and other pesky critters that might try to hone in on your cereal stash. Besides, they are quite good at killing bugs and slaying dragons, like lizards. It is also important to be careful for your cat might ingest some of the parasites living in those small animals, specifically roaches. Also, avoid the use of rat or mouse poison around the home, as even a small bite of a rodent with poison can get into your cat’s body as well.

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6. Housebreaking

Besides being self grooming, being housebreaking is another fantastic trait of cats, i. e. litter box training. For most of the cats, all that is required to be done is to set up a litter box with litter, introduce your cat to the box, and that’s it!

Having a cat as your pet means no worries about getting home late and realizing that you still need to go out in cold again. Moreover, cleaning a litter box is not half as bad as described by non-cat people. It is much easier than picking dog’s poop up off the ground with a plastic bag. Ewww!

7. Intuitive and Hilarious

Cats have clairvoyance about them. They can feel if you are upset and they would try to comfort you. fact, some cats know it when someone is about to die. They are quite emotional animals that love to be helped and cuddled with.

Besides being emotional, cats are equally funny. You must have seen those amazing videos on YouTube featuring hilarious behavior by cats. They are bigger and much popular celebrities than half of the people on the internet.

8. for Health

Most importantly, cats are good for your health as well. The simplest benefit is that it helps to lower your blood pressure. It triggers a relaxation process that makes you calm. Putting it simple, a cat releases the feel good endorphins. It has also been proved through research that cats lower your stress level by keeping your content or being around, just like a married couple. When you have no one around to talk to, even if you do, they are great conservationists. They will always lend an ear, without any interruptions, and any opinions of their own. You will get just a soft meow or a tender look as a sign of understanding. Above all, they are extremely loyal, give a cat your trust and it’s yours forever. Great treasure!

9. Maintenance

Cats are usually low maintenance. You don’t need to own a huge space if you are bringing a cat. Even a single room apartment is sufficient. Besides, you don’t need to buy them any special toys. They are self-entertaining, as mentioned above. Moreover, you don’t need to take them to any grooming or house training sessions.

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10. Unconditional

A cat will never abandon you. Rather, as you and your cat start to grow old together, it will become more accustomed to your schedule. It would come to know your waking time, sleeping time, your time for meals and the cuddle time as well. If you treat it with respect and show love and care for it, it would stay with you forever. You must have seen older women surrounded with a number of cats.

While you might think it to be eccentric, it is usually because cats are really great companions. And if you love them, they will return amazing love through a soft look or a tender nuzzle.

You will always fond your cat around when you come back home tired from a day’s work to your cold and lonely apartment. They can make you smile, laugh, and happy. You will feel yourself telling them about your day.

addition to the above reasons to have cats as your pet, cats are really good with kids. They let kids carry them around. However, a few cats don’t dowell with kids. , you never have to worry about the kids getting injured or killed bya cat as it is with dogs. Besides, cats are also referred as life savers.

addition to providing various health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, risk of depression and anxiety, and risk of heart disease, living with a cat since birth actually lowers the risk for developing allergies while strengthening the immune system.

Having a life to care for gives purpose to the day and something to look forward to. Cats are the non-judgmental companion can provide relief from anxiety prone and learning disabled. The frequency of a cat’s purr is similar to the frequency that encourages bone and tendon healing in rehabilitative therapy.

Above all, you don’t need to take cats for a walk or need to let outside. All they want to do is eat, sleep and hang out. If you are among those who don’t have time to take your pets on walks every day, a cat is the perfect pet for you.