Ankle Tattoo Ideas for Women – Ankle tattoos are centuries old and women simply adore those tiny and gracious masterpieces. From the beautiful long chained anklet style tattoos to the tiny floral and miniature prints, from the quoted tattoo delight to the refreshing colorful tattoos, there are plentiful of tattoo designs specially crafted for ankles.

If you are willing to turn your walk and your adorable legs even more glamorous, here are some exceptional ankle tattoos to consider. These are some of the most trendsetting and modern anklet tattoo designs for this season:

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Quoted Ankle Tattoo

If you have a special date like someone’s birthday, any anniversary date or else, you can get that carved on your ankle as a precious anklet tattoo. Also if you have any specific quote that is close to your heart, it’s an amazing idea to get it done on your ankle. A pretty quoted tattoo not only looks stunning but can be done in plentiful of creative ways.

Ornamental Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Ornamental Ankle bracelets are conventional and you can get a tribal style or classic ankle bracelet tattoo on your ankle. You can try multiple bandages, a chain pattern or some beautiful anklet style designs. For a permanent ornament on ankle, you can ditch your anklets and get a precious ornamental ankle bracelet.

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Floral Ankle Tattoo

Floral patterns are stunning and super feminine. If you love floral and refreshing prints, the best thing is to get a ravishing floral anklet tattoo. The lotus tattoo, a floral veil tattoo, a leaf naturist tattoo etc are simply instagram worthy and will give a blossoming twist to your look. Some of the promising floral tattoos for ankle include a horizontal veil, an ornamental style colorful floral anklet tattoo, a cute and standalone flower tattoo etc.

Colorful Feather Anklet Tattoo

Nothing can beat this tattoo in terms of elegance and blissfulness. Feather tattoos are refreshing and highly empting and when you add a bunch of colors of these tattoos, they become even more desirable. For a sweet and modern age feather tattoo, try a colorful feather anklet tattoo colorful ankle bracelet and feathers hanging all around.

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Anchor Anklet Tattoo

A tiny anchor tattoo is inspirational and authentic. If you want a cute and yet bold anchor tattoo anywhere on your feet, the ankle is a great option. A tempting anchor hanging like an ankle bracelet will look rich as well as bold. The black beads along with a black anchor are something that will give your ankle an addictive look.

Stars Ankle Tattoo

Starting from the feet to the ankle, you can get a series of sparkling stars carved on your ankle. of stars aligned in the most feminine and gorgeous way can become your next ankle tattoo inspiration. Especially, if you love miniature and cute tattoo designs, this one is a must try.

Gorgeous and Sultry Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are everywhere and even the ankle is one of the best locations to get a tiny and catchy butterfly tattoo. If you have a cute and colorful butterfly tattoo design in mind, get it placed on your ankle. Your legs would look exceptionally glam with a blissful and free butterfly tattoo.