Designs & Ideas – A lot of women choose short nails over those sharp and long nails as the short nails are not only versatile but also more practical. Undoubtedly, the long nails need more care and maintenance as you can quickly cause damage to the long nails while performing regular activities. The best thing about short nails is that there are plentiful of cute and trendsetting nail art designs available. Regardless of the length of your nails, you can keep your nails pristine!

36 Short Nail Art Designs & Ideas photo 1

When it comes to decorating the short nails, the first tip is to keep your small nails neat and elegant. Blending multiple colors or prints would simply make the nail art look messy so you can choose single tone manicures using bright shades like royal blue, mate black, maroon etc. You can also complete your daily look with rich classic tips that look awesome on short nails too.

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For a high profile party look, you can decorate your short nails with a blush pink and orange ombre manicure, or the galaxy nails work perfectly for the short nails, the horizontal stripes will make your nails pop up when blended with a dark base like black.

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For a picture perfect wedding look, go for a pearl studded manicure look and your short nails will become the centre of attraction! Apart from these nail art designs, you can experiment with the elegant golden stripe nail art, single tone glitter nail art, pure nude or pastel nails, polka dot nail art, cute heart nails, floral nail art patterns etc.